Just starting

I’ve decided to finally embrace technology in a way that should make my brother proud. I’m on a journey. One that is difficult to make on my own. So I figured I’d blog it and see what kind of help I can find. I’m journeying to get closer to God.

I bought a bible a year ago: A daily reading bible (in the New Century Version) with excerpts at the beginning of each day’s reading taken from writings of Max Lucado, one of my favorite christian authors. This bible is set up to read a portion of the Old Testament, some from Psalms, some from Proverbs, and a portion of the New Testament every day. I have as yet to read through this bible, but I’ve decided that this was the year I was going to do it. I read January 1st yesterday (January 5), so I obviously didn’t quite start when I meant to. But I did start, which is an improvement on what I did last year when I bought the bible.

So, I’m going to post everyday, what I read, a verse (or two) that stood out to me and why. Maybe, if anyone cares to read along with me, discussions could take place and maybe, just maybe some questions could get answered. Or maybe I’ll just be exercising my typing skills.

But whatever point this blogging may come to, I’ll do my best to do it daily.

Let’s see what happens.


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