Reading for January 4

  • Genesis 7:1 – 8:22
  • Psalm 3:1 – 4
  • Proverbs 1:20 – 23
  • Matthew 4:1 – 25

I can’t say that a verse stood out to me today. But reading my bible today was a little different. I had a sweet little 2-year-old sitting in my lap wanting to hear every word. She sat quietly the whole time I read the passages aloud, except for the occasional question or comment, such as: “There were clouds?” “It was raining?” “Two brothers like Peter and Geoffrey!”

Her attention to this sort of surprised me, but then again I know of a small child’s love of being read to. (Of course, you can’t quite say the same of them when they get older. Although, I think my 10-year-old might still like it.) You can excite a child by holding her in your lap and reading aloud a life insurance policy. Oh, the innocence of children. An innocence that will not remain, unfortunately. I guess the closest you’d come to it would be adults with developmental delays or mental disorders, which keep their mentality at a child’s level. I guess that’s one more way that special needs people are special.

I can’t help but wish to be like them sometimes.


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