A New Horizon

Times, they are a-changing.

Okay, it’s not exactly like that.  My pastor has been voted out of the church.  Kind of a sad and pathetic situation, really, but what do you do?  Someone had something against him and over a long period of time it’s come to this.

I believe, despite the fact that I voted to keep him, that the outcome is as God intended it.  Unfortunately many people are hurt and angry, and when petty bickering is involved, it can be hard to keep a Christian outlook.

I had often felt that the church needed some change, I just didn’t think that it needed a new pastor.  Garry is a very good pastor.  I’ve always admired his passion for people and for them to know God.  Also, when he preches, he speaks in simple words; something that kept me going there for my husband’s sake – he’s not the wordy type.  I guess, now we’ll have to see.  I have felt somewhat drawn to check out this church that I passed every morning during work.  But I’ve also felt that I need to contribute more musically to First Church. 

So, now I’m not sure which way I should go.  I guess I’ll just have to work it out – like I wish everyone would have done to begin with.


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