Not to perfection…though I know we’ll never get there

Yes, definitely less than perfect.  I’m touchy & quick to get emotional.  But I feel human again.

The biggest problem I have is with sleeping now.  It’s weird because during my week of withdrawal, I slept like a rock without ever moving from the position I fell asleep in.  Now, I’m restless.  Not just restless legs either.  My whole body.  It takes a long time to go to sleep.  And then, I’m obviously restless while I’m asleep because I always wake up with a rats nest in my hair at the back of my head.  Now this doesn’t seem to affect how rested I may feel when I wake up (which, by the way, I usually do for the most part…at least I don’t wake up groggy anymore), but I wonder if it’s why my neck always hurts these days.

Maybe my husband should just take a massage course.


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