Ever had deja vu?

It’s a rainy day outside, but my daughter & I walked to the mall anyway, just for something to do.  And of course, my daughter – who is such a girly girl sometimes that I can’t figure it out; she loves pink and wearing dresses so she can be a princess, and all that girly stuff I don’t remember doing – my girly girl daughter (the one with 4 big brothers) walked the 12 or so blocks with me & stopped at every puddle she saw, just so she could jump in it.  We were pretty wet when we got there and, since there were bigger puddles on the way home, we were even more wet when we got here.

The deja vu I’m referring to is a day that happened about 30 years ago.  I was about 7 years old, so that means we were living in Lethbridge at the time.  We must have been on summer vacation and on one of the few vacations that we didn’t just go camping.  That year we drove instead to Calgary – a city I haven’t visited since.  They have a pretty good zoo there and that is where we went.  It was a warm rainy day, much like today is, and the zoo was practically deserted of any other visitors.  My  little brother was 6 at the time (assuming I’m correct at saying I was 7).  My parents, as we set out to explore the zoo, instructed my brother to “be careful around the puddles.”  My brother, being 6 and a boy through & through, “carefully” walked (or ran or jumped) through every single one he saw.

The most memorable thing about that visit to the zoo happened, I believe, as we were headed in the direction of the exit.  My brother, being the font of energy he always was when we were kids, ran ahead and around and behind us constantly.  As we’re walking along a building came along our left side and we were headed to go around it.  My brother ran on ahead and around the building and out of sight.  Then, suddenly, we heard two oddly freakish sounding but equalling piercing simultaneous screams.  The next second, my brother was tearing back around the corner and back  toward us.  At the same time, a peacock, that was running at full tilt, came into view from behind the building, but took off in the opposite direction.  Who knew they could run like that.  I can’t remember if my brother ever said whether or not they had actually collided, but it sure seemed like they did.

That day is one of the best memories I have from childhood; even how my red sneakers had stained my socks & feet pink from wandering around the Calgary Zoo on that rainy day.


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