The seven non-negotiables of life

These come from a devotional that I get in my email:

1. Seek God, not sin.

2. Fear God, not man.

3. Love God, not the world.

4. Believe God, not the deceiver.

5. Obey God, not your appetites.

6. Serve God, not self.

7. Worship God, not comfort.

These are the best rules to live by.  They probably sound like they would make life boring and dull.  Not at all!!  Only in living for God is there true peace and satisfaction in your life.  I know this to be true from experience.  I have lived on both sides.  At one time, I was partying and sleeping around – having “fun”.  There was nothing in that.  I had no fulfillment in my life at all.  It wasn’t until I turned my eyes to Jesus and gave my life fully to God that I was ever content.

After I gave God control, when things went wrong, I could handle it without any stress; money was extraordinarily tight back then and there was never enough food, but when I trusted God with my money, and gave back to Him a tithe cheerfully & faithfully, I often even had some money left over after bills and shopping to do something fun with my kids. And there’s so much more I could say.

This isn’t ridiculous, as some think it is.  It’s truth.  Real full life can only be found in Jesus.

Unfortunately, I reverted to human nature and turned my eyes back on myself, and things fell apart.  We (God & I) are working on it to restore the wonderful relationship we once had, but the enemy has been working hard to keep me back.

I know I can be dangerous for God, and I want that very much, but satan knows that fear (especially of failure) and being able to forgive myself are my biggest weaknesses.

Pray for me if you will, that satan’s holds will be completely released.


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