Let’s visit Triple-A for a refresher, shall we?

I strive to be like Jesus.  I really do.  I long to be loving and gracious as Jesus was.

There are times, however, that it seems I will never be able to.  For example, you’re driving along on the inside lane, minding your own business, when the joker in the left hand turn lane changes his mind and pulls back into your lane beside you giving you the option of letting him sideswipe you or slamming on your brakes even though you had the right of way.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  You definitely know what I’m talking about if you live in my city – a city whose infrastructure had to have been a fourth grade science project or, perhaps, the ideas all came for the drawings of a toddler.  The planning and constructing of the streets of this city couldn’t possibly have been done by sane, rational adults.

Idiocy on the road is frustrating as it is…but idiocy on the road when you drive for a living can be down right discombobulating (especially when you’re driving a large vehicle that doesn’t exactly stop on a dime).

I have frequently wondered how on earth about 95% of the population of my city even passed their driver’s test and got a license.  It also seems that as soon as  the snow falls, IQ’s start to drop as people begin to scrape frost off their windshields.

So I have sat in the drivers seat of my minivan or bus and wondered at the stupidity of everyone else.  And that’s when I usually hear a horn blowing at me because I’m drifting into the other lane.

God has convicted me more than once about all the times that someone had to honk at or swerve away from me for something stupid that I, a professional driver, did at the wheel.  There have been many; children, spectacles on the side of the road, emotions and tiredness are very distracting and happen to everyone.   The two accidents that I’ve been involved with involved me and a parked vehicle.  So who am I to talk?

I do, however, think that a lot of troubles on the road would be solved if everyone just took a little refresher course on common courtesy.  If only such a course were offered.

Well, another day and nary a scrape on my fenders, not for others’ lack of trying, it seems.  But I will endeavor to be gracious and loving towards all those lunatics out there on the road.

I wonder what Jesus would have been like to drive with?


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