As We Bid Farewell To 2010

Who would have thought that the world would continue beyond 1999?  But here we are about to embark upon the year of 2011.

Tonight we have about 10 people coming over for a turkey supper and a sober celebration.  I’m a little nervous about this, but not for reasons you might think.  I’m confident enough in my cooking skills to believe that the turkey will turn out fine (I’m even going to try something new with it and I’ll let you know what it was and how it tasted later).  Also, we have a fair enough sized place that we should all fit relatively comfortably and we have lots of board games and decks of cards that no one should be bored.

What makes me a little nervous is that this is the first time I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve in years.  It’s a pretty simple, and probably somewhat common, reason that that is.  December 31 used to be just another good excuse to get drunk.  It’s not like I needed an excuse back in those days, but having one alleviated the guilt ever so slightly that I could almost have fun.

But we, or rather I, decided that we would have a celebration this year.  The only reason we decided on that was because my husband received a turkey from his work and there was no way that a lot of it wasn’t going to go bad unless we shared it with other people and got most of it eaten.  At first, we invited one family to come over and share it with us on New Year’s Eve.  Then I realized that we were probably not the only ones who needed a non-alcohol celebration and that there were probably others who had nowhere to go and no one to celebrate with, so I opened a facebook event and invited most of the people I knew.

Most people already had plans, so it will be about 10 people or so.  As I write this, my husband (bless his soul for taking the day off work today) is running around cleaning the house.  He’s a wonderful housewife – better at it than I am by a long shot.

Ushering in the new year is something that a family should do together.  And now, especially because God is a part of our family, it’s time we start doing that.


Now a word or two about resolutions, because I’m sure tonight it’ll be brought up.

For many years when asked about my new year resolutions I’ve often said that I’m still keeping the one I made 20 years ago: that was to never make another resolution.  Of course, that’s not really true.  I’ve just never seen the point of making promises you’re not going to keep.  I hate the idea of not keeping a promise I made; it’s something my conscientiousness just won’t allow.

But just yesterday I read an article on that put resolutions in a much better perspective.  Simple resolutions that your whole family can adopt.

There is, however, a resolution that I’m going to make here and now, in regards to my blogging.  WordPress (this blogsite that I’m using here which is by far the best of the many I have used) has offered a post a day 2011 challenge that I am accepting.  My daily posts, however, will probably be most often in the form of a bible study (with, of course, the occasional post like the ones I usually write).

This year, for my bible reading, I’m going to be using Journal Junkies which offers guidance for journaling your bible reading and prayer.  I’m going to be using both the journaling and this blog together.  I invite anyone who wants to, to take this journey with me.  I will post what I’m reading everyday.  This year I’m reading the bible in chronological order.  The main reason I’m doing this is because reading the prophets is confusing to me.  I could always identify when they were referring to the messiah, but the other prophets, I wasn’t always sure when they were referring to.  I think it will make more sense to me if I read it in the order it was actually written in.  Maybe it won’t either, but it’ll be interesting to see the order everything is in.

Well, to wrap up my last post for 2010 I just want to say Happy New Year to everyone who reads this and everyone who doesn’t and to remind you that peace only comes through Him who created the universe and everything in it.

Be immersed in God’s grace,



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3 Responses to As We Bid Farewell To 2010

  1. LindaLou says:

    Sharon, I loved your blog post! Found it through the postaday2011 tag. I will for sure be following your daily posts! I also loved the video you posted and I am posting on my facebook today.

    Great blog!

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