The Downfall of Society

In case you haven’t read my new year’s eve blog, I am doing my “post a day” challenge in conjunction with my daily bible reading.  Also in conjunction, is my faith journaling that I am doing online with Journal Junkies, which gives a guide to prayerful journaling while you read your daily portion of scripture.  (Check out their online journal tab or the offline sample of the journal you can purchase and you can see what all the guidelines are.  I will not post everything that I put into my journal here – some of it will be private.)  In this journaling guide, you are asked to find a main focus or theme to the passage you read.  This is how I am going to begin each of my Daily bible study blogs – after I put “Today’s reading” that is.  The journal guide also asks for a title that summarizes what you’ve read.  That will be the title of each blog.  Now, off we go.

Today’s reading: Genesis, Chapters 4-7

My focus on this portion of Scripture fell onto Genesis 6:5, which says,

Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

The fall of mankind started in the Garden with Adam & Eve’s sin.  Society began it’s fall with the first murder, when Cain killed his brother.

What astounds me is that in Genesis 4:26 it says,

To Seth, to him also a son was born; and he called his name Enosh. Then men began to call upon the name of the Lord .

People were beginning to worship God around the time of the birth of Adam’s grandson.  But, by the time of Noah, some 1900 years later, God was sorry that He’d ever created the world.

How did it come to that?

It was the infiltration of the enemy and his minions (Gen 6:2 says, “that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.” – many biblical scholars believe the “sons of God” were fallen angels, as satan was, who procreated the Nephilim (see verse 4), who were giants (Numbers 13:33) but it’s not like any of this had anything to do with Cain murdering Abel).

I am no biblical scholar (as much as I’d like to be) so I can’t even really comment on the Nephilim stuff.  But what I can say is what I see in the world back then and the world today.  The infusion of sin into everyone’s life.

I have heard so many people ask how there could be a loving God when there is so much turmoil and despair in the world.  To that, I can only say this:  God didn’t do it, we did.  If we were stewards of this earth as we were intended to be, the planet would not be so damaged, which is the cause of all the natural disasters and extinction of animal species.  If people lived for others instead of only serving their own interests, we would not be so smitten with disease and poverty.  We’ve done it to ourselves because of the sin that satan deceived into Adam and Eve.

The world turned to crap a long time ago.  But God wiped the world out once and then promised to never do it again.  Instead, He sent His Son to pay the ultimate price to bring us back to Himself.

I cannot change the world.  Many of the scars the earth bears cannot be healed until Jesus returns again.  What I can do, as I wait for Him, is try to change my little corner of it.  I can be a better steward – do my part to clean things up, recycle and conserve – but also to share the gospel with others to help them become better stewards as well.  We can’t take care of this planet in our own strength anyways.

Let’s pray, shall we?

Dear God, I want to change the world.  This planet is so polluted from the corruption of mankind by sin, and it’s devastating.  Lord, only you can change the world, and until your return, you will do it through me.  Show me the way that I can make a difference in the state of my planet and show the way I can help others do the same.  I thank you for the beauty of creation, for as much as this world is corrupted, it is still a beautiful world.  Help mankind keep it that way.  Amen

Whew, this was a tough one.  And this next week will be a challenge as we have an engagement every night this week, and the evening (after little one’s in bed) is usually the only opportunity I get to do any writing.  Well, we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?

Till next time friends and neighbors!

Be immersed in Grace,


Tomorrow’s reading: Genesis, chapters 8-11


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