If you can’t say anything nice…

My bible reading for yesterday was Job chapters 10-13.  God brought a verse to my mind that sort of surprised me.

Job 13:5
“O that you would be completely silent,
And that it would become your wisdom!

Is silence wisdom?  It surely can be, I think.  How many times have you ever said something you wanted to take back?  I’ve done it too many times myself.  That’s one of the worst things about talking.  Once said, it’s out there and heard, unless you’re talking behind the back of a deaf person.  And words can be so terribly damaging.  I know they were to me, especially when I was a young girl and being picked on by the rest of the kids.  There were times when my parents and siblings all said something that hurt me terribly.  There was my ex-husband, whose viciousness with his words ended our marriage.  Words, especially out of the mouths of people we love, can have a devastating effect.  I’m sure I’ve hurt my parents and siblings and husband and children with my words.  I’d never been very good at thinking before I spoke.  With God’s help, I’m much better at holding my tongue than I was.

I’m trying to help my son, who doesn’t feel very good about himself these days, by trying to avoid any criticism.  When I want to criticize him for something, I try to catch the words before they escape my lips.  This has helped me to realize how much I did criticize him.  My words have hurt him.  And now I must do what I can to turn our relationship around before it’s too late.  He’s 12 so I’m hoping there’s hope.

I read in a parenting devotional to try to speak only loving words to our children.  That doesn’t mean not discipline, but to do it without critical words.  I’m ashamed of how critical I have been of my son.  In my defense, he does give me cause to but why wouldn’t he?  He may be to a point where he thinks he can do nothing to please me.  I understand that feeling and am very sorry that I have caused it in my own child.  I will make amends and we will start fresh (or at least I will).  One thing I do know about my son, is that he is forgiving.

Pray with me, will you?

Lord, help me to not cause damage with my words.  Keep me silent when I have nothing edifying to say.  Give me the right words of comfort, praise, and affirmation to keep my family and everyone around me encouraged and positive.  Thank you for your loving discipline and unstoppable love and grace.  Amen


I would appreciate your prayers for my son, that he will come to know Jesus personally, and for his mama, that she will be a light of God to draw him in.

Be immersed in grace,



Have you experienced anything I’ve talked about here?  If so, what have you done about it?  I’d love to hear from you!


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