Ever hear the expression “the patience of Job?”

I’m a little disappointed in myself for not really having anything to write about.  I blame my headache.  I took yesterday off, because I’m trying to stay off the computer on Sundays because that’s the only day the whole family is together and I’m trying to get us to do stuff as a family more.  Not overly successful yet.

I’m even typing this right now, to avoid doing my bible reading for the day.  I’m still in the book of Job.  What a hard book to get anything out of.  For my daily journaling, I’m supposed to find a verse or theme to focus on.  As you can see from previous blogs, I’ve found one or two things but so far, that book is making want to tear out my hair.  I just can’t follow it.

I mean, I do have the barest gist of it, as most people who have heard of the book of Job do.  A very well-to-do dude, with a great family and lots of money and assets, and a devoted follower of God for himself and for his family.  God points him out to satan saying, “This is my man.  He is so devoted to me, it’s unbelievable.”  Then satan says, “Well sure he’s devoted to you.  Look at all you’ve given him.  I bet if you let me mess him up, he’ll spit in Your face.”  God agrees, with the condition that satan can’t kill Job.  So satan kills his livestock, kills his fields, and kills his kids all in one fell swoop.  And then when Job still doesn’t curse God, satan takes his health – makes him sick with infected boils all over his skin.

Now, the bible could have said that Job persevered and showed up satan so that God gave him back everything better than it was before.  That would make a lot more sense, because all the stuff in between isn’t.  Job has these three friends show up while he’s sitting in a pile of ash scraping his boils with a broken piece of pottery.  And I think they’re either giving him heck for something or trying to make him feel better.  Whatever it is, Job isn’t liking it.  He even says something to the effect of, “If you would shut up, you’d finally show some brains.”

So what is the point of the 42 chapters of poetic mumbo jumbo?  The bible is the inspired Word of God; I totally believe that.  So what is the point of Job?  It’s driving me crazy that I can’t figure it out.

I did just find out that Chuck Swindoll, one of my favorite guys, has a bible study book out on Job.  I gotta get my hands on that.  Maybe that’s what I’ll do this year, instead of reading through it in the year like I did last year.  I mean, I want it to sink in and make sense and teach me something.  I don’t want to just read the bible because I’m supposed to.  I know I already have a few bible studies on other books of the bible.  Maybe I should just invest in a few more.

Well, whether I do or not, I’m going to get Chuck’s book.  If anyone can explain Job to me, it’ll be Chuck Swindoll.


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3 Responses to Ever hear the expression “the patience of Job?”

  1. Lynda says:

    Sharon I have a Bible book-study on Job (Dad may still have it) I also, I think still have my notes from the Philosophy class I took that we studied Job in. It was an intensive class and well-worth taking!! As for Job’s three friends and his wife, they were encouraging Job to denounce God, they weren’t supporters but more like society telling us to do things differently than God tells us.

  2. Erwin Epp says:

    You’ve never asked me.

  3. Sharon G. says:

    I’ve found a Kindle version of a Wiersbe study…I’m going to try that. Basically I want a guide to understanding everything everyone is saying (I’m just saying because some don’t seem to understand my struggle). My struggle is the text. If his friends were telling him to curse God, I can’t see where that is. So I’m going to try this study on Kindle for PC. Maybe it’ll come clear to me yet…stay tuned! 😀

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