Obeying Halfway Is Not Obeying At All

I just did a complete workout for the first time in probably a decade.  And I did it in the massive pain I’ve been in over the last week.

Instead of reading my email or writing my blog this morning, while I was wallowing in self-pity over the pain in my back, I decided to try to figure out what the deal was.  I was feeling like God was punishing me for something.

I thought I was being obedient.  I write what He tells me to write; I’m working towards being a better mother and wife; I’m trying to draw closer to Him.  But over the last week, the debilitating pain that I had endured for 10 years, that had miraculously disappeared 2 years ago (but when it came back it went away almost immediately with prayer) came back with a vengeance.  I’ve been prayed over several times with no relief.  So what’s the deal this time?  Is God punishing me?

So, I lay on the couch, turned on some worship music, and tried to listen for His still, small voice.  I wept and complained to Him first, then I shut up.

And He reminded me of something.

Obedient?  Have I really been obedient?

Over the first week of the year, my church held a corporate prayer and fasting time.  In that time, God revealed to me how I have not been taking care of myself.  He literally told me to cut down my caffeine, eat better than I have been and to start getting some exercise.

Well, I cut down my caffeine to 3 cups a day (believe me that’s a significant decrease).

I’m eating 3 meals a day and I’ve cut down on snacks significantly (instead of just snacking all day and/or eating only 2 meals).

I’ve been exercising….uh, no.  I haven’t been exercising.  I went as far as to watch the exercise video I bought about 5 years ago (but never used) to try to learn the moves (mainly because I have absolutely no, and I do mean no, coordination), but I haven’t exercised once.

I have often said that God usually has to smack me upside the head with a 2×4 before I finally get the message.  And I believe my back pain is an example of this.

While I was lying on the couch He reminded me that I haven’t been obedient in taking care of myself.  He told me almost 2 months ago to start exercising and I didn’t do it.  Not doing as you’re told is disobedience.  I’ve grounded my children for not doing as I told them to.  Well, I believe God has grounded me – not as a punishment, but to get my attention.

When I turned on the exercise video, I was nearly in tears from fear that doing this would hurt me more.  I prayed telling God how scared I was of hurting myself and begging Him to protect my body as I attempted this exercise video.

Well, I did the whole video (okay, I did skip the 4th circuit, but I am sadly out of shape and was practically wheezing by the time we got to the 4th) but I can still walk.  I’m sure I’m going to pay for it tomorrow, but not in a bad way.  I believe God will take care of my back.  But I must be obedient and continue on.

I’ve preached often in my blogs how obedience to God brings about His blessings.  The preacher needs to follow her own advice, doesn’t she?

You don’t often think that obedience to God goes beyond obeying His will for your job or your children or your spouse or your finances or your giving.  Those are the areas of your life where you know that you need to be obedient to God.

I have finally clued in and I’m sharing it with you, so now you are clued in.  Obedience to God requires obedience in the things I listed above, but it is also required in taking care of your own body.  God wants us to be healthy.  Could He make us healthy while we sit on our rumps watching television or playing around on the computer?  Sure He could.  God can do anything.  Is He going to make us healthy that way?  Of course not!  God’s work in our lives always requires effort on our part – mainly, the willingness to be obedient to Him in whatever it is He wants of us.  And He will always give us the means and abilities to do what He asks.  I was doing exercises I didn’t think I could do with my back hurting the way it has been.  I believe that God gave me the means and ability to do this workout video.

And I pledge to continue to exercise because I am willing to be obedient to my wonderful God.

Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t mind having a little more energy and physical ability.

How about you?  Where is your obedience at?

Be blessed,



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