A Change From The Usual Saturday Post

Normally on Saturday’s I post music videos from YouTube from a particular artist.  Today I need to plagiarize in a different way.  I get devotionals in my email every morning (any reader of mine know this well) and they include ones from Neil Anderson, a writer and pastor whose book The Bondage Breaker really changed my life.

Today’s devotional from Neil Anderson spoke on how demonic influences affect the lives of Christians.  I think it’s one that everyone needs to read, so I’m going to copy & paste it onto today’s blog.

May it speak to you as it spoke to me.

Be blessed,


P.S.  By the way, I think but am not sure that these devotionals I get come from Neil’s devotional book called Daily in Christ.  As I am not sure whether doing this copy & pasting that I do off of my emails is in fact plagiarism or not, I want to make sure that credit for what is below is attributed to Neil Anderson.


2 Corinthians 2:11
For we are not ignorant of his schemes

We generally agree that Christians are vulnerable to the enemy’s temptation, accusation and deception. But for some reason, we hesitate to admit that Christians can lose their freedom and can surrender to demonic influences. However, the evidence of Scripture is abundant and clear that believers who repeatedly succumb to Satan can come under bondage.

Demonic control does not mean satanic ownership. You have been purchased by the blood of the Lamb, and not even the powers of hell can take your salvation away from you (1 Peter 1:17-19; Romans 8:35-39). Satan knows he can never own you again. But if he can deceive you into yielding control of your life to him in some way, he can neutralize your growth and your impact in the world for Christ.

Since we live in a world whose god is Satan, the possibility of being tempted, deceived and accused is continuous. If you allow his schemes to influence you, you can lose control to the degree that you have been deceived. If he can persuade you to believe a lie, he can control your life.

The term demon possessed never occurs in the Bible after the cross. We lack theological precision as to what demon possession constitutes in the church age. But don’t come to any conclusion that you can’t be affected by Satan. We are more a target than we are immune to his strategies. However, we have all the sanctuary we need in Christ, and we have the armor of God to protect us.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for the armor You have provided to protect me from Satan. Keep me aware of his schemes today and help me resist him in the power and authority You provide.


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