Deception at its Finest

This is an ad I saw on the internet:

“The Lottery Black Book”

* A simple easy lotto system
* Can be played by anyone, anywhere
* First and only proven winning method
* Easy to Understand, Step-by-step plan
* Your ticket to a life full of happiness and joy

Are you kidding me?  Winning the lottery is the ticket to a life full of happiness and joy?

The unfortunate truth is that there are many who spend hundreds of dollars trying to win this ticket.  They are sadly and greatly deceived.  The accumulation of wealth or stuff that you buy with your wealth will never satisfy.  That’s why and how people get themselves into such debt.  They buy stuff they want, that they think will make them happy, with money they don’t have.

I know when I first got married the first time, I enjoyed having access to money that wasn’t mine that I didn’t have to work for and spending it on things I wanted.  I was not a very helpful wife at the beginning.  Because we lived by very humble means, it didn’t last long.  What lasted long was the debt repayment.

I have become a pretty un-materialistic person; I had to because when I was a single mother, I was living on less than $1000 a month with 2 children.  There was no room for extras on what I was living on.  At least not until I realized that my money and everything else I had wasn’t mine…It was God’s.  Things changed drastically when I gave my life to God.

Just before I gave my life to God, I was in a pretty pitiful place.  I did not have enough money to make it through a month.  I was working on a plan of finding a way to work the streets as a prostitute.  I was trying to figure out how to have my children looked after and not have anyone in my family find out what I was doing.  Needless to say, there was virtually no happiness or joy in my life.

But then I went to church one Sunday and it changed my life.  I gave my life back to God.  Immediately there was peace in my soul.  What happened after that is still hard to wrap my brain around even though it’s still happening this very moment.

I was living on $800 a month and did not have enough to make ends meet.  I realized, though, that God provides.  So I decided that I would tithe 10% of what I was living on and I would trust in God to feed me and my children.

So that means that I was living on $720; less that what I was living on before.  But it was amazing!  My bills always got paid and there was always enough food!  I still don’t understand how it happened.  I know that sometimes someone from my church would show up at my door with a van full of groceries saying, “God told me to do this,” every time the money didn’t seem to stretch.  And there were times when it seemed that everything on my grocery list was on special at the same time in the same store.  It was weird.

Even today, my husband and I are living on God’s Grace.  The income of a blue-collar worker supporting 7 people doesn’t go far.  God was quite clear that He wanted me at home right now.   So I’m at home.  And He is providing for us.  We only get into trouble when we try to step outside of His will.  So we try not to do that.

But the main point of my whole story is this:  I only had happiness and joy in my life when I was living in God’s Grace as a single mother living on nothing.  And there is happiness and joy in my life right now, living on nothing.  We don’t have fancy stuff, but we do have more than we need.

Happiness and joy does not come from money.  It never has and it never will.  The concept that it does is deception at its finest.  Even Christians fall for that one.  But there is something better.

There’s living the Jesus life.

And it’s so much better!

Be immersed in His Grace for it’s there that you will find joy,



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