Waiting On God

If you read my post of 2 days ago, titled Pain for a Lifetime, you’ll know I’ve been suffering lately.

Yesterday and the day before especially, but it’s actually been going on for 3 weeks now, I’ve been suffering terribly with pain in my back.  It’s not my first time down this road.  I spent nearly 10 years hardly able to walk because of debilitating pain and numbness.  Then 2 years ago it just went away.  3 weeks ago it came back with a vengeance.

This morning I woke up in a great deal of pain and a lot of despair.  I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea, as I stated in my post 2 days ago, that I’m going to go through it all over again.

But something strange happened.  I watched a video by the Skit Guys on God tube – it was the same skit I posted on March 2, just with different guys doing the skit – and God spoke to me.  I can’t even tell you what He said, other than He reminded me that everything happens in His timing and how very much He loves me.  But also, at that instant, He took the pain away.

Since that time, which was about 2 in the afternoon, I have been pain free.

I have been healed.  Again.

Perhaps it’ll only be until tomorrow morning.  I may wake up in pain again.  But I will accept this healing and glorify God with it.  I will also receive what I haven’t been receiving – forgiveness.  The enemy has succeeded in making me feel guilty about things that I have been forgiven of…perhaps that was the purpose of the pain.  But I accept the forgiveness of God and I forgive myself for the things the enemy has been making me feel guilty about.  I loose his hold on me in the name of Jesus.

To God be the Glory, Great things He has done!


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