What Defines a Good Day?

I was just reading my devotional called Moments With You written by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.  They are really great devotionals.  Today’s one, however, I knew was written by Dennis before it even indicated that.

It started off with it talking about a friend praying for his wife before he left for work, asking God to challenge her spiritually.  After he finished praying she asked him if he could just pray for her to have a good day and for the kids to behave.

Dennis goes on then saying that it is appropriate to pray for a good day for your spouse, but how it is important to pray for their spiritual growth.  He also talks about how prayer is not a wish list.

Now, understand, that I totally agree with him.  Praying for the spiritual growth and health of your spouse is vastly important and shows true love and respect for them.  And prayer is not about “I want, I want, I want.”

The point of this blog, however, does not go that deep.

The sentence that caught me was this:

There are clearly times when you should pray that your wife has a good day filled with all the things that give her joy—or for your husband to be blessed with success…

Now, I can easily agree that a man’s idea of a good day would be for him to be blessed with success.  That’s a man’s nature.

But a woman, at least a stay-at-home-mom, having a day that is “filled with all the things that give her joy” is not a woman having a good day.  That’s a woman having an awesome day.

A woman, or at least a SAHM, has a good day when she has a day that is simply free from catastrophe; no brutal injuries, no huge bouts of bickering, no baked items turning out wrong, nothing getting broken.

That is a woman’s “good day”.  Most women are realistic enough to be content with a “good day”.  If you have children, you know an “awesome day” will be few and far between.  “Good days” are great to have.

The one thing about that devotional that I wondered about though, was can’t you pray for both?  Dennis did make it sound like you have to pray for their spiritual growth or for their “good day”.  I think it’s safe to pray for both.

God knows what you need and when you need it.  He answers prayers according to His Will.  If my husband were to pray for God to help me grow in Him and to give me a good day, but God felt I needed growth more and it required me to not have a good day (as growth often seems to do), I’m sure He would initiate whatever I needed.  And I say bring it on.

By the way, the last part of the man’s “good day” was “and a sense of God’s favor on his work.”

This last part is something to pray for each other for, for both reasons.

Be blessed,




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