Taking a brief hiatus

Well, I wasn’t able to get anything written yesterday, and I’m afraid there won’t be anything but this today.

I have recently come to learn some things that I didn’t realize.  Things about God and His Spirit and my Spirit and God’s Love and Will for me.

He (God) and I need to work some things out and I’m finding it hard to do that when I’m worrying about whether I’m getting my blog posted or not.  I really don’t want to keep posting other people’s websites on my blog…or maybe I will, but I’ll just post the link and write nothing more.

I am going to be spending as much time with God as I can over the next little while.  I have not been able to hear Him lately because I have not been listening.  Well, it’s time to start.

So, I’m not exactly a faithful Post-a-day-er, but oh well.  It’s not that important.

I will, of course, post anything God leads me to post or anything profound that I just have to share.

The point is, I’m not going to worry anymore about whether or not I post every day.

But what God wants me to share I will share.

One thing to remember, I’d love for people to comment on my blogs, so by all means go ahead and read my older posts and tell me what you think.

Be immersed in God’s Grace, I’d love to swim with company 😉



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