Tuesday – Week 1

Week 1 Assignments

Tuesday’s assignment:

Read chapter 1 which, honestly, is hard to read.  Wendy tells the story of her rape. She doesn’t hold back, she shares this for what it was. And she shares her doubts and fears. She shares the ugliness and loss of  life as she knows it in her experience.  As you read, use your highlighter to highlight things that stick out in your mind or you may want to return to later.  Write a prayer for your sisters who are also in this study with you.  Share the prayer on Melissa’s blog if you wish. It sure will be encouraging to read all those prayers for each other!

That first chapter was hard to read.  My heart broke for Wendy.  She went through the most frightening experience.  As my brain tends to think in pictures and not in words like most, it was impossible not to hear her assailants voice and feel his weapon against my throat.  This was a truly traumatic event.

I know in my spirit how this frightened other women who read this.  I’m certain there are many, out of the 3000 or so who are doing this study, who experienced a similar assault.  I fear that this may frighten some of them into not being able to continue.

I will pray for them and post my prayer on Melissa’s blog.

Dear God in Heaven, what can I say?  The brutality that can be inflicted on women sometimes seems to have no measure.  Even some women close to me have endured this type of pain.  It’s hard not to shake a fist to the sky and scream at You, “Why! Why would you let this happen to me!?”  It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes to think of women going through this type of trial.  It never seems like anything good could come out of this type of thing.  I know there are women who are in this study who have been through this type of thing.  I can only imagine the fear they felt as they read through those pages.  I can imagine the heartache and renewed distress that is coming over them now.

But Lord, You are in control.  Do not let the enemy suck them into that fear.  You are with them; let them now feel Your loving arms around them.  Remind them that You were there every step of the way; through every moment of that traumatic event they endured.  Holy Spirit, fill them with a warmth that they will know could only come from our Heavenly Father.  Remind them that the point of this study is that there is hope.  That what the enemy, who controls these assailants, means for harm, You can turn to good.

Bless all the women in this study, Lord, bless Melissa for bringing us all together, and Wendy for sharing her story.

Thank You Lord, that You never leave us or forsake us.  Thank You that You care for us like the daughters we are.

May each woman in this study take away what You have to teach her.

In the name of Your precious Son, Jesus.


Be immersed in God’s Grace, where you find true healing,



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One Response to Tuesday – Week 1

  1. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I don’t have this book yet so I hope to post soon. Great job and wonderful prayer here.

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