Wednesday – Week 4

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Wednesday’s assignment:

Complete Chapter 4 Bible Study Questions #1-3 on p. 185 in the Hidden Joy book.

Q & A below:

1. Isaiah 61:1 tells us that God sent His Son Jesus to “bind up the brokenhearted.” The Hebrew word for “broken” in this verse means “to break into pieces, to crush, or to smash.” God knows that tests and trials in our lives will bring brokenness and at times even crush our spirits. So in His great love, He provided hope for that brokenness.
a. Has your heart ever been or is it now broken? Yes  What are the circumstances that brought you to that place? Usually, my own foolishness or trusting someone I shouldn’t have
b. Does Isaiah 61:1 speak to you in your brokenness? I don’t know, I guess
c. The Hebrew word for “bind up” is chabash, which means to wrap firmly, like to wrap or to bandage a wound. What a great illustration that Jesus is our Healer. Share a time in your life or in the life of another in which Jesus put the broken pieces back together and held them close and tight while His healing process began.  It’s hard to pinpoint a time…this type of thing has been an ongoing process over a lot of years.
d. Read Psalm 34:18 and Psalm 147:3. What does God want you to know about His character in these verses?  That He is with me when my heart is broken and that He will heal my broken heart

2. Read 1 Peter 4:12 and James 1:2–4.
a. What do these Scriptures tell you about the tests and trials you face in your life?  I shouldn’t be surprised when troubles come my way; if fact, I should be joyful because this testing will improve me
b. Does this change your perspective?  Yes & no.  I already knew this Scripture; but sometimes it seems like the trials never end…How long does this “testing” have to go on?
c. Apply the Truths found in these verses to your circumstances.

3. In this chapter, you learned about the refining process and the “Refiner’s fire.”
a. Applying this Truth, look back on difficult circumstances you have experienced. Do you see how these circumstances may have been part of God’s refining work in your life?  There are several places in my life where I knew God was working in me through the trial I was going through at the time.
b. What specific impurities has the Refiner’s fire removed from your life?  Sexual impurities; He’s removed a lot of my anger; a lot of the despair I used to have
c. If you are currently in the Refiner’s fire, what might God be saying to you through your trial?*  Trust Me

Trust Me.  I know that’s where I’m failing the most.  I can’t place my trust fully in God.  I really want to change that.



*Blight, Wendy (2009). Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s Story . Moody Publishers. Kindle Edition.

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