Thursday – Week 4

Melissa posted a blog.

Thursday’s assignment:

Complete Chapter 4 Bible Study Questions # 4-6 on p. 185-186 in the Hidden Joy book.

I’m looking forward to the Doubt Diet (if you’ve checked out Melissa’s blog and watched the vlog) and I hope that I can participate in the Confident Heart study that they are doing next.

4. Are you harboring anger against God for something that has happened in your past or something going on right now?  Not really
a. Prayerfully seek God and ask Him to help you discover the root of that anger.
b. Are you willing to release your anger and trust Him in the midst of His refining work? Write a prayer releasing any anger, bitterness, or resentment you may harbor in your heart.

5. In this chapter, you read about “treasures in the darkness.” As you have walked in darkness in the past (or maybe you are walking through it right now), have you experienced treasures in your darkness? Yes  Have you seen the beauty of God in the midst of a difficult and painful trial?  I have

6. Read Psalm 139:23–24. Ask God to test you and know your anxious thoughts and to show you if there is any offensive way in you.
a. What things did God bring to mind?  Issues relating to my husband and my trust issues
b. Are you willing to let God work to change those things in your life?  Absolutely
c. If yes, what practical steps can you take to change or remove these things from your life?*  I need to start grabbing the negative thoughts that come up and give them to God instead of letting them fester in my mind and heart.

Just last night I was feeling resentful to my husband because shortly after work he went upstairs and had a bath and went to bed without saying anything to me.  Well, I certainly wasn’t the one who had a long split shift that started at 6 in the morning and then not get home until after 7 pm.  I keep getting upset with my husband about how his new job is affecting me.  I was the one that encouraged him to go into a new career and I knew that it was going to be hard at first.  But I have been very selfish.  I have been feeling useless, but instead of being useful I’ve been sitting on my butt blaming my husband.

satan has been using the petty stuff that I hate about myself to get me to give up.  Well, I’m not going to.



*Blight, Wendy (2009). Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s Story . Moody Publishers. Kindle Edition.

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One Response to Thursday – Week 4

  1. tazladyok1965 says:

    Sharon, I totally understand where you are coming from as far as satan using the stuff you hate about yourself to make you give up. We have to continue to seek God’s Word and believe the plan God has for our lives. I will be praying for you! Stay strong and never give up! God is on your side and He always will be!

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