Friday – Week 6

There’s a post on Melissa’s blog.

Friday’s assignment:

Stop by and leave a comment about which thought/attitude you have chosen to clothe yourself with and work on from Question 5, I can’t wait to see which ones you choose!

Well, not much to write about here in regards to the bible study.

Instead, I’ll mention that I’m reading Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyers.

Even though I couldn’t really afford to buy the book (though I’m grateful I was able to find it for under $20) I really felt it was time to read it.  I’ve watched Joyce on tv a few times and she really seems to know what she’s talking about.  satan works all our lives to develop strongholds in our minds.  These strongholds affect our thinking.  Our thinking affects our behavior.

It’s apparent to anyone who reads my blog of how I can go off on a ridiculous tangent of self-destruction over the littlest thing.

I hate how I do that.  Hate it.  But I just can’t seem to get a grab on it.  I’m hoping this book will help.

I also mentioned sometime ago that I’m reading Plan B by Pete Wilson.  I’m at about chapter 9 and have been reading it when I’ve felt that I should.  Every time I do, I get something I need at that moment.  It is a good book.  A fairly different style for writing than I’ve seen in a while, but it does give you hope even though some of the stories he tells will make you cry.

I pray that Battlefield  will give me the tools I need to get satan’s grip off me.  I’m tired of this.

It’s going to stop.


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2 Responses to Friday – Week 6

  1. tazladyok1965 says:

    I hope you will post your thoughts about Battlefield of the mind. I have looked at that book a couple of times at the half off store, but could not decide whether to get it or not.

    • Sharon G. says:

      I will probably post my thoughts on Battlefield but I really recommend that you do get the book and read it too, especially if you tend to be a slave to negative thoughts like I do.

      If you’d like to join me in going through this book, you’re more than welcome. I’ve only read the intro & chapter 1 so far.

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