God seemed to drop a job in my lap, got my hopes up, then snatched it away.

We’re having testimony Sunday this Sunday & they want is to share about God’s provision. I don’t think I can. I’m certainly not feeling any of that these days.

I’ve been at home because we thought God wanted me here. But it looks more like I have to go to work. We’re to a point where we stock up on groceries one month and the next we pay bills. We can’t afford to keep this up. Our outgo far exceeds our income and that’s not even including doing anything to get the creditors to stop calling. And it isn’t because of foolish spending. We’ve gotten that in check.

So what is it? Does God want us to live on the street? Does He want to starve out my children? I want to have faith, because He’s provided before. But He sure doesn’t seem interested in providing now.


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