Monday – Week 8

Week 8 assignments.

Monday’s assignment:

Read Chapter 8, Quiet Time on p. 109 in the Hidden Joy book.

With this new full-time job, I’m having a tough time keeping up with things in this study.  So, forgive the lack of order to my posts, but for now, that’s the best I can do.

Having finished Chapter 8, I’m given yet another example of God’s timing.  I’ve posted on Facebook and asked others I knew, how does a working mom find time to spend with God?

That’s exactly what Chapter 8 is all about.  And more…She (the author) spoke quite candidly about how, when she let her life get busy and she wasn’t having time with God, she made some big mistakes with her children.  And this happened because “(her) symptoms – lack of patience, a heightened temper, an angry heart – were the hunger pangs of a parched and undernourished heart.”  I think I understand this all too well.  And not just myself.  I just asked my husband, by text message, if he’s been reading his bible regularly like he was before.  He said he hasn’t been.  This explains his testiness as of late, and my own.

We both have been short-tempered and lacking in patience with our children these days.  Brad’s admitted that he hasn’t been studying the Word lately, and I know that I have not been spending time with God; I haven’t figured out how to do it with this new job.  I always get there early, so I’ve been sitting in my car reading my bible (then I listen to a worship song ) before I have to go in, but that isn’t really much of an intimate quiet time.   There’s no time for prayer or journaling or anything like that.  I do get something out it – it gives my day a nice start.  But I want more.

I want to get to know God intimately, like Wendy does.  As Wendy said, “God will use your quiet time to fill you with the ammunition needed to fight the everyday battles.”  And, as anyone who reads my blog will know, I fight some pretty big battles.  I want to know the way to fight them.  I want them to be over before they start.

Soaking up God’s Word and power is the only way it will ever happen.

I’m going to do it.

I think I’m going to try starting my day a half hour earlier and spend my time with God after my workout and shower.  That’s when I have my first coffee anyway and what better way to enjoy a cup of coffee than to share it with the Lord?

As usual, I welcome prayers to help me with this.  Also, I want to invite anyone who needs prayer to share in the comments.  I will pray for you.

Be blessed!



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2 Responses to Monday – Week 8

  1. tazladyok1965 says:

    Sharon, I will be praying for you to find the quiet time that you need with God!

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