I am now understanding busyness. I understand it because I am now afflicted with this condition. I suffer with working all day and getting nothing done in my evening.

Well, it’s not exactly suffering; I like my job. Whay sucks is how little I get done in my evenings; or my weekends; or my day off.

When I’m not at work I want to sit and do.nothing constructive. I’m not sure why, though. My job is in no way strenuous. The only exhausting thing about my job is the boredom.

Hmmm… How does one remedy this?

Any ideas?


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One Response to Busyness

  1. Dawn Wilson says:

    Sharon, this is an idea I came up with that helps me. Do you have a weekly dream list, Sharon? This is more than a to-do list. It’s things that you could actually accomplished in a week or less if you push yourself out of your comfort zone. It really doesn’t matter if you accomplish everything on the list, or if you don’t even accomplish one dream per week, but it’s enough to get a person moving.

    For example, on my dream list is, “I dream that I can find everything I need to put on a spontaneous party in 60 minutes.” That dream means that I can grab all I need to set a pretty table … and that my shelves with hostessing items are neat and organized … and that my pantry always has some foods to go with good, familiar recipes that I can grab and make within 30 minutes of my party-ready hour. {It also means that my house always needs to be “top cleaned,” at least, so I won’t be totally embarrassed if someone walks in.)

    Another item on the dream list is one or two people you’d just love to have come over for a chat … people you want to learn from, or people you want to pour your wisdom into so they can grow in Christ (people you’d love to mentor). Make the list, get uncomfortable, and invite them over! Combine this dream with the spontaneous party one, and you’ve got something to battle that boredom!

    Another thing I’d recommend is Kathi Lipp’s book, “The Me Project.” She wrote, “How might your life be different if you took a few minutes every day for 21 days to put your dreams on ‘Project status’?” She’s my kind of woman. I recommend her book.

    I’d better quit now, because my answer is longer than your post. LOL! Love to you, Girlfriend.

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