A little to add to yesterday’s post

There are a few other things on the back shelf that have been on my mind.

One is taking ASL (American Sign Language) and being an interpreter.  I used to be very fluent in sign language.  But after 15 years of never using it, I’m certainly not fluent anymore.  I can still sign a bit, but I don’t understand other people.  But I always thought I’d be a good interpreter, because I’m familiar with the deaf community.  Or at least I was.  My best friend was deaf, which is how I learned sign language.  We had a falling out and when I tried to get in contact with her I learned that she had died.  Very heartbreaking.  Especially because I had tried to contact her to tell her how Jesus had changed my life and now I was too late.

But to get back to the sign language, I always loved using it before and thought that making a living signing away would be cool.

However, I do have arthritis and wrist issues….maybe it wouldn’t work.

Then, there’s singing.  Not signing, but singing.

I love to sing.  Music means so much to me.  But I have troubles with my hearing.  Actually, I’m not sure if it’s my hearing that’s really the problem.  I mean, yes, my hearing isn’t great – it’s at the bottom end of normal and I am deaf to a couple of frequencies.  But I think it’s mostly my brain’s processing of sound that’s the problem.  Some voices I can hear that they are saying words, but I understand it more like listening to the teacher in Charlie Brown. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.  It makes singing with others a little difficult.

I had never really been interested in a career as a singer…until recently.  I want to sing.  I have to sing.  And singing at karaoke doesn’t cut it.  They don’t have the music I want to sing anyway.

This is more the music I’m talking about:

You don’t find this in karaoke shows.

I feel so pulled in so many different directions and most of the time I don’t feel like I have any opportunity to any of them.  I’m a working mom & wife and I have no options.  That’s how it feels a lot of the time.

God has plans for me.  I know.  I just wish I knew what they were.  It’s hard to believe sometimes that it’s going to be something you might want or enjoy doing.  I mean, I know God dropped me into the job I work at right now.  I only know “salt & light” as to the purpose; maybe there’s more.  I like my job for the most part.  It’s certainly not what I would call “fulfilling”.  It can certainly be called “frustrating” at times.  Do I want to be here?  Not a whole lot a lot of the time.  I do enjoy the break from the kids and the pay cheque (which is desperately needed).

Mid life can really suck sometimes.

But I will endeavor to do God’s will, not mine.



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