Life after this one

My church is corporately going through the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

I’m 2 days behind so I’ve just read Day 15 which is about being created to be part of God’s family.  It’s a very good chapter as they all are.

There was a part, however, that struck me in an odd way, probably because I’m really tired from 2 late nights in a row.  And as I’m really tired writing this, I’m not sure I’m even going to make sense.

But, Rick says that after this life we will be rewarded and reassigned to works of service.

I was sitting on the bus reading that and I thought to myself, “Do I have to work? Can’t I spend eternity in the coziest and comfiest of beds, sleeping, eating and reading?  I have to spend all of this life working and then have to spend eternity working?  Isn’t toil ever going to end?”

Yes.  That’s what went through my mind.

Like I told you, I’m really tired.

I assure you, however, that I know that whatever God has in mind for me to do in eternity, is going to be something that I will not mind at all doing for eternity.  But that’s a hard thing to wrap my mind around.  There isn’t much that I can stand to do for any long period of time in this life, so it’s impossible to imagine doing anything for eternity.

What’s really hard to wrap my brain around is that life in eternity will be just that: Life.  It’s not going to be sitting on a cloud with a harp and little wings.  We will be living, just like we do here only better; much better.  There will be no pain, no sorrow, no sadness, no death in the other life that is to come.  Again, impossible to wrap my brain around.  I can’t imagine ever walking up and down stairs without my hips and knees screaming at me.  I can’t imagine the knuckles of my thumb not hurting.  I can’t imaging my back not killing me or being able to stand for more than 15 minutes at a shot.  But the Bible says none of that will exist in eternity. 

There is no way to imagine that.  Just as there is no way to imagine that I would be capable of, not to mention trusted with, some important job that I would do for eternity.

I think I’ll re-read The Glorious Appearing again.  That’s the last book in the Left Behind series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye (a book series I highly recommend, especially to those who are not followers of Christ…it will give you an idea of what’s in store for you if you don’t change your heart).  The Glorious Appearing gives you an idea, a real picture in your head, of what eternity will be. 

Maybe I’ll reread it.

For now I will try to ignore my headache as I wait for it to go away and get to work, since that is where I am writing this from ;).

Any thoughts on the afterlife?  I’d love to hear them!



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