An interesting thing happened concerning what I wrote about in my last blog.

I realized this morning during my quiet time that I have to quit dwelling on the things that were bothering me, which are basically the feeling like I’m not there enough for my kids; that I should maybe quit my job so I can be a housewife and mother again.

Then, as usual, before I started my bible reading, I asked God to speak to me.

My bible reading for today was the story of Jonah.

Then I understood.

Jonah took off because he didn’t want to submit to God’s will.  And he was very miserable afterwards too.

I realized that’s exactly it.  I have stopped submitting to God’s will and started doing things on my own.

So I prayed and it was one of the few times where God answered directly and immediately.

“I guess I need to submit to Your will” I prayed, “I want to be a housewife to Brad.  I want to be his helper.  How do I do that?”

God answered, “Supplement his income.”

I prayed, “But what about the kids?”

Do you know what God said then?

Trust me.


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