We Been Doin’ it Wrong

I’m in a little panic.

I’ve discovered that since I now have an adult child, I no longer receive Child Tax Credit for him, which cuts the amount I used to get nearly in half.  On top of not getting any child support for the last two months, this really hurts.  I don’t know how we’re going to pay our bills this month.

I was just ranting to God and He pointed something out to me.

I had a fairly good paying job from last July to November.  With the money from that job we got things we needed…sort of.  We were sleeping on an old, yet functional bed.  Because of back issues, which we assumed were exacerbated by the old bed, with my job, we were able to buy a new bed (at half price 🙂 ).

My old lap top computer is about 10 or 11 years old and works so slowly it frustrates the bejeezes out of anyone.  With my job we were able to buy a new lap top.

Our van was running on God’s grace, but with my job we were able to get the majority of problems fixed.

Now were any of those absolute necessities?

You know what?  They weren’t.

Just those three things I mentioned came to about $1500.  We could have paid off one of the wolves at the door with that money.

We enjoyed way too much take out with that money I was making too, especially in the first couple of months of me having that job.  We had denied ourselves any kind of treats for so long that we went a little crazy.

I’m pretty sure that in the time I had that job, we would have been able to pay off all our creditors except my student loan.  And if I had that job still, I’d be able to make payments toward my student loan that would actually make a dent in the principle and not just pay the interest like I’m doing now.

God blessed us, but we didn’t use the blessing the we should have.

No wonder we’re in trouble now.

The question now is, what do we do now?



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One Response to We Been Doin’ it Wrong

  1. Erwin Epp says:

    Learn from your mistakes and move on. God is still with you. He won’t leave.

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