What has society done to us?

What Julia would look like if she were made out of plastic.

I was accosted at the mall by a guy selling all-natural beauty products.  His annoying accent told me about his vegetable oil soap for my oily and dry skin.  I told him I was fine with my oily and dry skin.  He mentioned the ridges developing on my fingernails and that he had something that would fix it.  I told him I was fine with ridges on my fingernails.  Then he asked me if I “suffer” from dry skin.  I told him I was fine with the way I was and walked away and I thought to myself “suffer from dry skin?”

You suffer when you don’t have any food to eat for a week.

You suffer when you live on the streets and eat out of garbage cans.

You suffer when you have no warm clothing in the winter.

You suffer when you’re dying from a terminal disease.

You do not suffer when you have dry skin.

Or oily skin.

Or ridges on your fingernails.

I need a t-shirt made for me.  And on it should say:

I’m 39 years old and 173 lbs.

I have wrinkles, grey hairs, and zits.

And, apparently, ridges on my fingernails.

And you know what?

On the back of the t-shirt it should say:

I’m 100% okay with all of those things.

I am who and what I am and that’s just fine with me.

Now if I could just get other women on board with me we could revolutionize the beauty industry; or even better, bring it to its knees.

Anybody feel as I do?


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