Block writer

I call myself a writer, though I probably shouldn’t.  I don’t get paid to write.  No one’s “read me”, as far as I know.

But since writing is the only form of expression I have that I can actually express myself through, I call myself a writer.  I have been doing it all my life, too.  So, yes, I will call myself a writer.

The thing is, right now I can’t write.  It’s not writer’s block, because I’m not stuck in the middle of writing project.

So I’m calling it block writer.  I need to write.  I have the urge in my chest to express something and it keeps getting stronger.

The problem is, I have nothing to write about.  No muse is striking me.  It’s like being constipated; you just gotta take a dump, but it just won’t come…

Okay, sorry for the gross analogy, but it’s kind of what it feels like to me.  Stuffed full and no way to unstuff.

So I’ve got a block.  Now, how to unblock is the question.  Why am I so blocked is the other question.

I wonder if Walmart carries mental fiber?


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