A bit about me (2012 version)

My life has been sucking supremely lately.

I’d rather be dead, but can’t do that to my kids.

I’ve been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (something I’m pretty sure I’ve had for years but thought was depression) and pretty much everyone who I thought was close to me has left me because I haven’t been able to control it any longer.  It sucks to be around me, I guess.  I can’t say I blame them.  It sucks to be me, as well.

I left Facebook because I used it to vent and people were “unfriending” me for it, so this is all I have left.  But, you’re certainly under no obligation to read it either.

2 Responses to A bit about me (2012 version)

  1. Jackie Paulson says:

    Hey, I have been there done that and do understand. I lost everything in 2007- was homeless and now I get a whole 9.00 pay doing security-it sucks too.

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