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I wrote this the day before I turned 41.  I ended it with “I’d rather 42 never came.” Well, 42 came yesterday. Things are quite different than they were a year ago. I still suffer from a great deal of … Continue reading

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With Age Comes Wisdom

Have you ever reread a book many years after the previous time? I’ve been doing that recently and I’ve noticed some interesting things. For example, I just finished rereading the 1990 republication of  The Stand by Stephen King.  I read that … Continue reading

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Today my youngest boy turns 16. I’ve written about him before (click here) but things have changed a lot in 3 years. He has been in the he-knows-everything-and-his-mother-is-clueless stage for some time now.  He’s entered high school and broken the … Continue reading

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Here I go again…

Today my husband moved his stuff out. We tried. I tried. And tried. And tried. I can’t try anymore. So we’re splitting up. If he finds help for himself, we could possibly go back. But he doesn’t see that he … Continue reading

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Another post on my other blog

This post was written by someone else, but is an excellent explanation of people like me. Don’t forget to subscribe to my other blog too.

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Why I Want My Husband Out of the House – redone because half was missing when I published it the first time

And no, I don’t mean I want him to move out.  Allow me to explain; which is the whole reason I’m writing this because I am not quite sure I understand it myself. My husband is a city transit operator.  … Continue reading

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